A New Column: Communion Meditations

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
After my Forthright article this morning, “Words During the Supper,” imagine my pleasant surprise to read a communion meditation, by a guest author, in Neal Pollard’s Daily Bread email.
For a long while I have dreamed of a communion meditation column in Forthright Magazine, but we lacked a columnist.
So I decided to strike out on faith and start the column, without a columnist.
I’m praying that people will respond with submissions for the column.
Next Sunday, watch for Tony Raburn’s meditation, “We’re Going to Heaven!”
After that, it’s your move.

It’s new! It’s Sunday! It’s around the Lord’s table!

One Reply to “A New Column: Communion Meditations”

  1. Brother Matheny:

    I came upon this part of your website by accident. I really do enjoy your communion meditations and use them when presenting the meditation in our church.

    I was indeed taught this as truth while taking the Catechism class at a church in Alaska. I personally cannot vouch for its truthfulness but the men teaching were very trustworthy and I do think that we in Christ’s Church in 2011 have allowed Communion to become “routine”.

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