What Did Jesus Use as a Platform to Teach?

To read the Bible in a year, read Mark 4:1-20.
After Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of Louisiana, Alabama, and other states in America, destroying the meeting places of many churches, one man concluded that the people could not worship God until they built new places in which to meet. This is one of the sad consequences of calling the building the church. Do we need “church buildings” in order to worship God? How does the building sanctify the things we do so that we can then worship? The Bible says nothing about this. What it does show is that Jesus could meet with His disciples anywhere and speak to them, “And again He began to teach by the sea. And a great multitude was gathered to Him, so that He got into a boat and sat in it on the sea; and the whole multitude was on the land facing the sea” (Mark 4:1).
Most church buildings have an elevated area that is somewhat separated from the congregation so that a man can be on it and be seen and heard by all in attendance. Was that not what Jesus did here? The congregation was on the shoreline and He was in a boat. Did teaching take place? Would the teaching have been more holy if it had been in a building that the people of God constructed? No, it would have been the same teaching. Does teaching in a facility make it less spiritual? Some people maintain that it would. That is why they will not be members of a congregation. Both groups are fixated on the natural surroundings. Rather let us concentrate on the spiritual things that are taking place.

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