Was There Any Chance the Priests Could Starve?

To read the Bible in a year, read Leviticus 7-9.
Leviticus 7:1-10 explained the trespass offering, which God said, “The trespass offering is like the sin offering; there is one law for them both: the priest who makes atonement with it shall have it” (Leviticus 7:7). Notice that the offering belonged to the priest. God had said in the previous verse, “Every male among the priests may eat it. It shall be eaten in a holy place. It is most holy” (v. 6). He concluded this section and said, “Every grain offering, whether mixed with oil or dry, shall belong to all the sons of Aaron, to one as much as the other” (v. 10). Much of the food for the priests came from these sin and trespass offerings. Was there any chance that the priests could starve, in other words, that the Israelites would stop sinning and not have to bring the offerings? Is there any chance that you will stop sinning for the rest of your life? Imagine that every time you sin, you have to feed your family a meal. How long would it be before their next meal? Would they be eating too much?

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