Relationships: My God and I

by Tim Childs
How often do you think about your relationship with God? Have you given it much thought recently?
Do you realize Satan wants us to live each day as though there is no God? Can we become so busy with such important things that we forget his presence and our real dependence on him? Is it possible for you and me to become quite similar to those spoken of in Scripture who did not like to retain the knowledge of God in their minds?
What do you think about the current state of your relationship with God? Are you and I in the great number of those in our society who would rather not think about that? Does that make us feel a bit uncomfortable? Or do you have a healthy, thriving relationship?
If you are willing to examine and evaluate in light of Scripture, what does God think about the state of your relationship with him? Is God well-pleased?
Have you given thought to what changes God may want you to make to produce a stronger, more satisfying relationship with him? Have you thought about examining the life of Jesus to determine what it was, specifically, that enabled him to have such a close-knit, tight relationship with our heavenly Father? Do you suppose Jesus can give us insight into building a stronger, meaningful relationship with the Father in heaven?
What relationship with another/others is more significant than the relationship you and I are able to develop with our Creator, Savior, Redeemer, Friend?

Important questions about our relationship with God.

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