America Deserves Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears

by Richard Mansel

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears are burning up the internet. The public is insatiable for information on their tumultuous lives.

Lies, smears, innuendos, payoffs, and whispers spew forth from media outlets like sewage. Daily updates on their behavior contain so many contradictory story lines that it is almost impossible to know the truth. However, America just wants more, more, more.

The United States does not have royals to harass, so Hollywood stars become their surrogates. The spotlight on them never goes dark.

On the fictional show, “Hannah Montana,” Miley Cyrus plays a teenager who lives a dual life as a regular girl and singing superstar. The premise is hysterical considering today’s reality. Stars are hunted, harassed and their every public move and utterance is filmed. They sell their privacy for fame and fortune and then complain about their lack of privacy.

Britney and Jamie Lynn are responsible for their actions. Nevertheless, they are mirrors of the declining American culture. By showing America for what it is, these women find the resentment of a nation for being the embodiment of a guilty national conscience.

The American culture is dying. The time for niceties is past. Depravity is corroding the culture we inhabit and it damages everything it touches. Nothing is safe. Music, movies, clothing, television, the internet, and the language of the day are all robbing children of their purity.

Satan steals their most cherished possession and rips it to shreds. Sadly, parents are most often the flesh and blood hands of Satan, destroying the souls of their own children through their lack of parenting. God’s hatred of such behavior is some of the most sobering in Scripture (Matthew 18:6).

Sixteen-year-old Jaime Lynn Spears is pregnant by her nineteen-year-old boyfriend. Her announcement spread in “OK! Magazine” caused an outrage. Roundly condemned by almost everyone, magazine editors pulled her from their covers. The national condemnation is still loud and clear. At the same time, though, it is terribly ironic.

A society that sells thongs with “hottie” emblazoned on them and Bratz dolls dressed as whores to five-year-olds is outraged that a sixteen-year-old is pregnant. Fashion editors who parade condom ads, sex advice, and nearly naked models to teen girls rebuke a teenager for her pregnancy.

Producers who make movies filled with sex acts and raunchy jokes for children are shocked that a teenager becomes pregnant. Websites who hungrily post nude photos of actresses and encourage kids to engage in fornication, condemn a child for her pregnancy. The hypocrisy is staggering!

We ask where the outrage is for the man who made Jamie Lynn pregnant. Should a society that treats girls as sex objects and winks at the males who take advantage of them have any moral authority? When we glorify rappers who treat women as trash and condemn the women, we relegate women to second-class citizens.

Britney takes drugs, drinks and parties heavily, shoplifts, chases men, crashes her car, runs over people, divorces twice, loses custody of her children, holds her children in a standoff with the police while stoned and becomes a national disgrace.

A culture that turns actors and singers into idols to be worshiped in a 24-hour news cycle should not be shocked when their behavior becomes increasingly bizarre so the camera will remain hot.

Wholesome behavior and charity work is a blip on the radar screen while debauchery brings in millions of dollars. When America builds a monster, they should not be shocked when it attacks.

God said, “Righteousness exalts a nation” (Proverbs 14:34). What does unrighteousness bring? Look around.

4 Replies to “America Deserves Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears”

  1. While we grasp at the publicity and shock surrounding the event, we should not be surprised. Without the proper guidance in life, life will truly never be lived. Yes, breaths will be taken, but living the life will not take place.
    The Spears sisters are wrong, but their followers who will decided the same thing are wrong as well. The influence of Hollywood is killing us everyday, because of us. We allow it in our homes, cars, and computers; but when will we stop?
    Ahhhhhhhh…just me ranting and ranting.
    Good thoughts Richard!

  2. Richard, Thank you for posting this. I do agree with you that America deserves what they get. However we are speaking about two children who are products of this ugly society.. These young women need prayer, they need direction. We now live in a society that plays on the shame and hurts of others. The ability to play the blame game, somehow relieves us from responsibility. America and other countries I am sure, need to turn off their televisions, pick up their Bible. Strengthen the family unit with strong values.
    Just my two cents..
    God Bless

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