The Flock of God

Read the Bible in a year by reading First Peter 5 today.
Peter was a preacher, but he was also an elder in a local congregation (1Peter 5:1). As an elder, he commanded other elders, “Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers” (1Peter 5:2). He continued to give the elders instructions about their work and the kind of men they ought to be (vv. 3, 4). However, his main thrust was that they shepherd the flock of God.
Are you an elder? Find out what a shepherd did for his flocks in the first century. Then treat the sheep in your congregation the same way.
Are you a member in a congregation with elders? Submit to the elders, because God has appointed them to take care of you. If you resist their shepherding, you resist the work of God.
Does your congregation not have elders? Pray endlessly that men in your congregation would grow into what the Lord wants them to be that you might have shepherds over you to help you in your Christian walk.

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