Perfect Beauty

Read the Bible in a year by reading Ezekiel 27 and 28 today.
On the coast, a little north of Jerusalem, sat Tyre, which the Lord said had perfect beauty. Chapters 27 and 28 of Ezekiel show much of that beauty. Yet, God told Ezekiel to “take up a lamentation for Tyre” (27:1-3). God confessed to the city, “Your builders have perfected your beauty” (v. 4). He listed the materials used in building the city, fir trees, cedar, oak, ivory, embroidered linen, blue, and purple (v. 5-7). It did look beautiful. They had people from other places living there, and the city had wise men, elders, an army, all of this making Tyre perfect in beauty (v. 8-11). Three times in 27:1-11, God spoke of Tyre’s beauty, yet, that beauty did not save the kingdom. Beauty is vain, but a city that fears the Lord, it shall be praised. Tyre failed to fear the Lord. Therefore, you cannot find the city of perfect beauty anymore.
If we associate with something perfect in beauty, that does not guarantee, it shall last forever. Just take a casual glance at history and you will see perfect beauty that was, but is no more. The only thing to do to insure everlasting life is to fear the Lord. Is that where your heart is hidden? Examine your heart today to see in what you trust.

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