God Laments Egypt

Read the Bible in a year by reading Ezekiel 32 and 33 today.
Did God hate Egypt? No, but they hurt His people and rebelled against Him. He compared them to a young lion ravaging the nations and to a large animal, perhaps one of the larger dinosaurs that waded into the water, mudding the water horribly (Ezekiel 32:1, 2). Egypt went into the waters to muddy them, ruining them, but God would pull the mighty monster out of the waters and fling it out in the open field that other nations might feed on the once mighty Egypt (v. 3-5). The nations would shed the blood of Egypt in a great way (v. 6), and the Lord would put out the lights of Egypt (v. 7, 8).
Let the nations hear that fighting against the Lord and His people is a mighty mistake. No one can oppose the Lord and succeed.
Rather join us. Do not fight us, but be a part of us. We welcome all people.

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