When God Makes Up His Mind

Read the Bible in a year by reading Jeremiah 37 and 38 today. The Chaldeans, the Babylonians, were attacking Jerusalem. However, they fled when they heard that Pharaoh was coming to help Jerusalem. The Jews found relief in that news, but God wanted them to know that He had determined to destroy the city and that He would send the Babylonians back against the city. Then He said, “For though you had defeated the whole army of the Chaldeans who fight against you, and there remained only wounded men among them, they would rise up, every man in his tent, and burn the city with fire” (Jeremiah 37:10). It did not matter what happened, whether the invading army went away for awhile or even if Jerusalem humbled the army greatly, the invaders would return or rise up to take the city. It would happen, not because the Babylonians were that great or Jerusalem was such a treasure that the Babylonians would do anything to have the city, but because GOD had determined the fate of Jerusalem, unless the people repented of their sins.
You cannot fight against God and win. Many have tried, but everyone has failed. Be on His side all the way and you shall never lose.

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