If Mirrors Could Talk

The wicked queen in “Snow White” had a mirror that talked to her, telling her that she was the most beautiful person in the land. That must have been very nice. Most of us would just as soon our mirrors kept their opinions to themselves! Can you imagine what would happen if mirrors could actually talk?
“Now there’s a face that could launch a thousand ships – in fear!”
“Does the phrase ‘back to the drawing board’ have any meaning to you?”
“Don’t look at me again this morning … unless you want a cracked mirror, that is!”
The queen’s mirror talked, but ours do not, thankfully. But her mirror did one thing that all mirrors do.
It told the truth.
When little Snow White’s beauty finally became so great that hers surpassed that of the queen’s, the mirror told the truth. Telling these kinds of truths to a queen impressed by her own beauty was a dangerous endeavor for a mirror. Glass mirrors tend to be vulnerable around angry monarchs! But mirrors don’t finesse their message; they are undiplomatic, merely reflecting reality. That’s what mirrors do. The queen was told the truth, and the mirror risked a cracked surface for a very different reason.
James compares the word of God to a mirror. “Anyone who listens to the word, but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in the mirror, and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like” (James 1:24,25).
So the Bible is likened to a “talking mirror.” As spiritual beings, we look into this mirror to see where the changes need to be made. Our talking mirror responds by encouraging us, correcting us, letting us know where we need to change.
In a word, it tells us the truth. Don’t ignore the message of the mirror. Don’t forget its message. Most especially, don’t smash the mirror in anger. It’s only doing its job, telling it like it is.
And for most of us, this is no beauty contest. What we see are our sins and flaws. What we need to know is the truth. How bad is it, really? And where do the changes need to be made?
That’s why we need our “mirror” to tell the truth.
On the other hand, I would certainly hate to shave, and wash and comb without the benefit of a clear, accurate mirror. So this morning, turn on the lights, and begin an intensive look into the pages of God’s word, the mirror of our souls. And don’t worry. Snow White is a fictional character. There are no perfect people outside of fiction, with one notable exception! Our talking mirror will have some corrections to make on the spiritual countenance of us all!

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