Destined for Success

He said it as we were pulling out of the garage, headed for the second congregation’s Sunday meeting.
I almost stopped the car. Almost, not quite. But I did have him repeat it to me, because I wanted to remember it just as he said it.
Perhaps it’s not earth-shaking, certainly not new, but between my state of mind, repeated comments heard in distant places and the moment, the truth of his words rang loudly in my ears.
“The gospel is a message destined for success,” Luciano Campos said.
He should know. In the last year and a half, he has taught and baptized 50 people. His congregation has grown from 25 to 70 in size. From stagnation to dynamic development.
How did he do it? What’s his secret?
Personal evangelism. Getting in people’s homes. Making visits. Teaching the brethren to do the same. Investing in people.
No American money involved. No big programs. No fancy building. No well-known address to direct people to.
OK, they did hire a bicycle with a PA system to go around the area announcing their classes. And they did print 10,000 flyers to pass out to people. And they did distribute them instead of letting 9,900 collect dust in a corner in the church building.
But that was the extent of their mass media.
This is a guy who goes around singing hymns and quoting scripture all the time. He can’t believe he was chosen to be a disciple of Jesus and, even more, given to share in the great task of salvation.
I went to wake him up yesterday and heard a voice coming from the bedroom.
“My friend, please obey the gospel. You need to repent and be baptized.”
A man who dreams evangelism in his sleep. (OK, I made that last one up, but he does think evangelism every waking moment.)
So when Luciano said, “The gospel is a message destined for success,” he had the evidence to back up his declaration.
What a contrast to people who say that, because we preach the truth, people don’t want to hear it!
How different from those who say that people aren’t interested in spiritual things anymore!
Oh, and something else Luciano said.
He followed up his statement with this: “No matter where you are.”
The gospel is a message destined for success, no matter where you are.
I’m sleeping with that thought under my pillow tonight.

The gospel is this kind of message.

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