Share the Blessings

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. It testifies to the Christian underpinnings of the United States. Though other countries have imitated the observance, they lack the tradition which forms a basic underpinning of the American nation.
No nation in the world is so generous to share its blessings than the United States. This sharing certainly comes from the sense of gratitude that many feel for the Lord’s copious outpouring of generosity toward us.
On this Thanksgiving Day, I’d like to share three needs that I personally know about and can recommend to you as worthy causes. Your sharing will directly help God’s people to show compassion and speak the word of his grace.
Brazilian Children’s Home
The Southern Children’s Home in Morrilton, Ark., partnered with the Brazilian Children’s Home in Cabreuva to work with orphans and children from troubled homes. Though the page is out of date, the need continues great. (Disclosure: my wife and are were recently added to the board of directors, in volunteer, non-paid positions.) Internet Ministry
From Media, Penn., Jody Apple works hard as the administrator of to provide text, audio and video from a wide variety of sources. He’s fund-raising to make this a full-time ministry, perhaps a first among us. This work is overseen by the elders of the Central Church of Christ, Martinsburg, W.Va., and supported by churches of Christ and individual Christians around the world, but still needs lots of help.
FHU Faculty Children at St Jude Children’s Hospital
A number of Freed-Hardeman University students, my son Joel among them, are participating in an event Dec. 1 for St Jude Children’s Hospital. The FHU Team will especially benefit two children of FHU faculty. Your one-time gift will help these children in the treatment they receive there.
We can’t count our blessings, for God runs our cup over. But what a faith-building exercise to try! In the process, we find reason and resources to share with others.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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