Finding Lexis — Lessons from a Little Girl

by Joel Alexandre Matheny
I went to the hospital with my friend, Ryan, who had to do an MRI scan and meet with the doctor following the exam.
I was there as emergency chauffeur in case they decided to drain his knee and give him a cortizone shot.
While I was in the waiting room, a spunky little girl was playing in the kids’ little corner.
When she found a Spiderman mask, she ran around the room shooting spider-webs at everyone, doing the spider-man fingers and making this swoosh noise.
After about 10 times, I started making faces at her, much to her amusement. This continued for another 20 times around the room.
She came and sat down beside me after she had rid herself of her mask and her alter-ego. We started chatting, and she told me her name was Lexis. I’m guessing she was 5 or 6 years old.
She talked to me about her boyfriend, and about a pillow fight she had and, most peculiar of all, she started explaining to me a chain of events in the Exorcist. Yes, the horror movie.
We were chatting along until Ryan came out. When they came up, I turned to Lexis, and said: “Lexis, my friends are done, so I’m going to have to go now, OK?”
She replied, “Oh, OK, I’ll just go tell my story to someone else. Bye!”
And she popped up and hopped off to talk to someone else!
That afternoon stuck with me.
The Bible says we are to be like children to inherit the kingdom. This little girl did not know me, yet she sat down and just started talking away, not worrying about a thing. Yet when I told her I had to go, she wasn’t in the least bothered by that. She just hopped up and went to go talk to someone else.
Maybe we should be more like kids in this sense. Sometimes we get so upset if someone leaves us, when in reality we should just hop up and go share joy with someone else.
Perhaps this could also be applied to spreading the gospel.
We tell people about Jesus, but if they get up and walk away, we shouldn’t be bitter or grumpy. We should just hop up and go tell someone else who will listen.
No drama. No sweat.
Joel is a junior missions major at Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tenn.

Maybe we should be more like kids in this sense.

3 thoughts on “Finding Lexis — Lessons from a Little Girl

  1. Wonderful story. If nothing else is shows that opportunities to learn can arise no matter where and when we are.

  2. Good job, Joel. I like your analogy. I suppose we all should be more “child-like”.
    Tell Bethany her Dad says, “Hello.”
    Prov. 17:17,

  3. We had a trivia question awhile back. Something like 67 percent of parents have allowed their 5th through 8th grader to do this. What is it? Watch R rated movies. How could anyone let a five or six year old watch the Exorcist? Parents just aren’t parents anymore.

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