Shame Devours

Read the Bible in a year by reading Jeremiah 3 and 4 today.
Sin leads to guilt. Guilt leads to Shame. Shame leads to devouring. As Jeremiah said,
For shame has devoured
The labor of our fathers from our youth–
Their flocks and their herds,
Their sons and their daughters. (Jeremiah 3:24)
Shame holds us back. It makes all our efforts vain. Jeremiah said it devoured the labor of the people. Shame though sounds bad, but God intends it for our good. If we did not see what shame did to us, we would not see our guilt and if we did not see our guilt, we would not see our sin, and if we did not see our sin, we would not run to our Savior.
Do not look to anything, other than the Lord, to remove your shame. Acknowledge your sin, and He will forgive you. If you have never been baptized into the Lord Jesus Christ, do it today and He will wash away your sins.

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