Love's Pursuit

“Love does not pursue its own interests.”
1 Corinthians 13:5
“Love does not inquire into the character of the recipient but it asks what he needs. It does not love him because he is such-and-such a person but because he is there. In all this it is quite the opposite of natural love: it ‘does not seek its own.’ It does not perform the characteristic natural impulse of love and life. Therefore it is basically independent of the conduct of the other person; it is not conditional but absolute. It wants nothing for itself but only for others. Therefore it is also not vulnerable. It never ‘reacts’ but is always ‘spontaneous,’ emerging by its own strength – rather, from the power of God. Love is the real God-likeness of man for which he has been created. In so far as love is in man he really resembles God and shows himself to be the child of God.” –Emil Brunner
So. What do you need?
Let me discover it, perhaps without your asking.
Let me study you, your features and flaws, your strengths and struggles.
Let me weigh my words to fit your mood, adjust my acts to your marbled makeup.
Let me hear without judgment, accept without conditions, offer without strings.
Let me not reflect your ups and downs, but the constancy of God’s mercy.
Let me not love you with the waxing and waning of my emotions, but with the evenness of God’s purpose.
Let me do, not what you always want from me, but what will serve you best.
I ask this, not of you, for I will love you with or without your permission, but of God, from whom comes the example, the overflowing and the power to love.
For it is entirely possible that I love in this way, for I have been loved by God and have learned from his Son that love is a gift that gladdens the heart, a grace that strengthens the soul.
From him I can be filled and come to you with fullness, rather than driven by my searching need.
In his fullness we will not look to each other, but we will both be satisfied in his presence.
For love is offering from God’s plenitude, not siphoning off as much of the other’s extra as we can.
God is love, and he who has God has love, and love abundant, to share.

Love is not pursuing one’s own interest, but the needs of the other.

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