Sunday Evening Notes: Special effort

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
* Our special effort in September to increase the email list subscription yielded good results. We hope you’ll join us in an continued effort to get the word out about Forthright. The conclusion of the special effort during last month doesn’t mean we should relax; rather, that we ought to keep up the hard thinking of how we can introduce the site and list to new people.
* We never add people manually to the email list, like so many unscrupulous list owners. (OK, I confess to adding my mother-in-law, at her request.) And our list service automatically removes invalid email addresses. So each one of the subscribers is a live person who went through the double-opt-in process to guarantee identifying the proper subject, with a working address. We can’t guarantee that everyone reads the emails, but we do know from the email messages and reprints, besides online comments, that they are being read widely.
* Speaking of online comments, feel free to use the comments section at the end of each columnist‘s articles. They appreciate feedback, especially on the content of their material and how it touches or influences you.
* We’re considering a second Forthright Fellowship in December, when the Mathenys will be in the USA. Please be praying for that and thinking about joining us. It looks again that we’ll have it somewhere in the Midsouth, possibly Tennessee. We may invite one or two other online ministries for a joint event. (The first Fellowship was in Florence, Ala. — thanks, Richard!)
* Our Assistant Editor is raising new funds for her support, having gone through a recent change in ministry. Please pray for Barbara Oliver as she contacts churches and individuals. She is a worthy, long-term servant who, besides her own work, provides important help to others. I’ve been blessed to know her better and work beside her for the past several years.
* Pray, too, for many missionaries around the world whose support and works have been diminished because of the dollar’s devaluation. If your congregation supports someone outside the USA, you may want to investigate their needs.
* A final thought: Many love love. Few love their neighbor. Be one of those few.
* Have a great and blessed week.

The editor shares some thoughts about Forthright, another Fellowship, friends, and funds.

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