What Happens to Glorious Beauty?

Read the Bible in a year by reading Isaiah 27 and 28 today. What God creates has glorious beauty. Isaiah said of Ephraim, one of God’s creations, Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim, Whose glorious beauty is a fading flower Which is at the head of the verdant valleys, To those who are overcome with wine! (Isaiah 28:1) Flowers are gloriously beautiful. Think of the harshness of other planets where nothing grows, then look at a flower and see the life God created. Yet, how long does the flower last? The flower that blooms today is gone tomorrow. The tribe of Ephraim was the same way. The tribe had glorious beauty, but the beauty the tribe once had no longer abides. Everything on this earth has its moment of glorious beauty, then it disappears. Therefore, do not make your life’s pursuit that of the things of the earth, but let your passion drive you to seek the glorious beauty of God that never fades.

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