Why People Need to Believe

Read the Bible in a year by reading Isaiah 7-9 today.
The Lord revealed through Isaiah to the house of Judah that the eminent attack of Syria and Ephraim would not be successful. He explained why those two nations would not be successful against Judah. Then the Lord said,
“If you will not believe,
Surely you shall not be established.”
(Isaiah 7:9)
If Judah did not believe the Lord, they would not be established. Every generation that does not believe provides an example of this truth. Children go to school and the schools do not teach them to believe. The children go home and their parents do not teach them to believe. Television does not teach them to believe. Who teaches children to believe? Are we relying upon the church to do it? How much does the church have children during a given week? Not very much and it certainly is not enough to counter the unbelief they are taught every day
in the world.
Do you as an adult believe?

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