For Summer Safety

Lord of hosts, you throw down and raise up governments, determine the rise and fall of whole countries. No one hides from you, you see all, and nothing happens but what you do not know it.
We ask you to protect the US and other target countries from terrorist attacks this summer. Make the police forces effective to uncover plots and deter terrorist cells from bringing harm to innocent civilians.
In the midst of such uncertainties, may we all seek your protection in Christ, aware that our greatest threat is not from Islamic jihadists, but from Satan himself, who would continually impede our obedience so that our eternal salvation is assured. In the Savior’s name we pray. Amen.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said this week that he believes terrorists might strike the United States before the summer is over.
ABC News reported that Homeland Security officials were warning of a terror “spectacular” by al Qaeda this summer. The July 1 report quoted a senior government official as saying that the level of warnings and intelligence were “reminiscent of [what] we were getting in the summer of 2001.”
We invite you, our readers, to join us in this prayer over the next week. If you or your congregation will join us, please let us hear from you in the comment section below.

2007 July 12
The need for prayer by true disciples of Christ was highlighted today by the first Hindi prayer led in the US Senate. While we have many differences with our Catholic and Protestant friends, at least we all profess to serve the same God. The Hindus, on the other hand, have multiple gods, and the prayer represents yet another step away from a morality and law system with some basis in Scripture.
At a time when government leaders should be recognizing the one true God who created all things by his powerful word, who chose Israel as his people under the law of Moses, who sent his Son Jesus as man to die for the sins of the world, and who formed from the redeemed a church for his private possession and for his special mission in the world — at a time like this, US national leaders are turning to pagan religions as a slap to Christianity.
We do not minimize our differences with others who call themselves Christians but tack on some other identifier and exalt some religious leader as their head. We are recognizing that matters are going from bad to worse among US elected officials, which shows even more the need for prayer by the people of God. Join us.

Prayer for summer safety from terrorist activity in the US and other target countries.

5 thoughts on “For Summer Safety

  1. Please know that Australians join in this prayer with you. May God keep us all safe and protected.

  2. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear when the earth changes, and when mountains are slipping into the heart of the seas. … Jehovah of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.
    — Psalm 46:1-2, 11

  3. We praise God for his care and blessings, and ask for his special protection at this time for all those in areas where terrorists may be planning to harm innocent people. Father, we beg your wisdom that we may know how to help those with the mindset to harm others. We ask through Jesus, our savior.

  4. I pray daily for the military personnel serving in Iraq and Afganistan. I pray that the doors to Kingdom may be opened there. I will begin praying that the threats against the USA will not come to pass.

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