Keeping Up Your Courage

“But the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and he chased after the Israelites. Now the Israelites were going out defiantly.”
Exodus 14:8 NET
Behind them, Egypt. Ahead, liberty.
With the spoils of Egypt in their pockets, the Israelites marched with heads held high.
Until they noticed Pharoah’s pursuit. With him close behind them, the people panicked.
It’s easy to march triumphantly, defiantly, with courage and bravery, when all is at peace. But surrounded by enemies, feeling the heat of oppression, who can still march on with confidence and security?
With God in command, the follower of the Lord Jesus can keep up his courage.
For the battle is the Lord’s. He is the fierce warrior against the forces of evil. His invisible powers become evident when a child of his lifts up his head and calls to the Almighty.

It’s easy to march triumphantly when all is at peace.

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