450 to One

Read the Bible in a year by reading First Kings 16-18 today.
God just loves it when the odds are stacked against His people, for then He can show His great power. This happened during the days of Elijah. On one occasion, he said to Israel, “I alone am left a prophet of the LORD; but Baal’s prophets are four hundred and fifty men” (1Kings 18:22). However, Elijah did not mention all the false prophets present that day. Four hundred prophets of Asherah were also present (v. 19). So it was actually 850 prophets of Baal and Asherah to one prophet of Yahweh. Who would win? For the true God, numbers among men mean nothing.
Are you outnumbered, outskilled, outfinanced, and just otherwise in the position of disadvantage? Are you also loyal to the God of the Bible? If so, do not worry about it; you are on the winning side.

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