Different Expectations

Read the Bible in a year by reading Luke 23:27-38 today.
While Jesus was on the cross, the Jews taunted Him, saying that if He was the Son of God, He should come down off the cross; in other words, they expected Him to come down miraculously and thereby reveal His identity. The Roman soldiers gave a similar taunt, saying, “If You are the King of the Jews, save Yourself” (Luke 23:37). They did not have the miraculous expectation, but they thought that Jesus could call His followers and they would fight the Roman soldiers and take Jesus off the cross.
Both groups believed that they knew what they were talking about, but both groups were as ignorant as they could have been. Neither one knew Jesus and they had no idea what the kingdom of God was about.
Do you know Jesus in truth? Do you know what His kingdom is about?

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