Be Careful of What You Hear

Read the Bible in a year by reading Second Samuel 13 and 14 today.
Be careful of what you hear in the news, at work, in your congregation, in your family, in the neighborhood, just anywhere, especially if it is bad news. People hear something or see something and they want to tell others quickly about it and, regardless of who they are, will almost always give their own spin on the story. Such happened to David. Absalom had his brother Amnon killed, but here was the first report that David received, “And it came to pass, while they were on the way, that news came to David, saying, ‘Absalom has killed all the king’s
sons, and not one of them is left!'” (2Samuel 13:30). Not all of the sons of David were dead, but only one. No doubt the one who made this report had good intentions and meant no evil, but the reporter still did not get the facts right.
That highlights further that news gets twisted even from someone who has no intention of twisting it. Therefore, being slow to believe bad news does not mean that you are calling the reporter’s character into question; it just means that you want to get the facts right and that you do not want to further erroneous talk about other people.

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