Is It From Heaven? Why Not Do It?

Read the Bible in a year by reading Luke 20:1-26 today.
Some men confronted Jesus, wanting to know what His authority was for what He did and taught. Before answering their question, He asked a question first. He asked, “The baptism of John–was it from heaven or from men?” (Luke 20:4). They knew that if they answered that it was from heaven, He would ask why they did not believe John. If they said from men, they knew the people would confront them, because the people accepted John as a prophet.
Likewise, I have heard many people speak against baptism, saying that it is not necessary for salvation. So, here is my question, the baptism of the New Testament, is it from heaven or from men? If it is from heaven, why do you say it is unnecessary and why are not baptized? If it is from men, what is it doing in the New Testament? Are you saying that someone other than the Holy Spirit added it to the word?

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