Are We on the Same Page?

by Tim Childs
fingeronbook.jpgIt’s not easy to sing with brethren during worship when they are using another language beside English. We understand the apostle Paul teaches us to sing with the spirit and with the understanding, and it is imperative this takes place.
If one’s brethren of another nationality are singing in their language, but using a tune or melody we are familiar with, then it becomes possible to sing together, expressing the same concepts of praise and instruction while teaching and admonishing one another in spiritual hymns even while using different words and phrases. If one does not recognize the melody, however, forget it. It’s not going to happen.
Unfortunately, there may be a discordant tone that ascends heavenward to clash in the ears of our Lord when brethren are singing the page, the line, the measure, or the note they personally choose to sing without consideration of the direction and leading of the great “Conductor.” When brethren do their own thing (because they can) without due consideration for Jesus, his wishes, his will, his purposes, it becomes impossible for his disciples to blend in sweet, perfect harmony.
Some sing with their heads bowed down. They never look up to see whether Jesus is smiling on them, or whether his heart is breaking from their failure to love, appreciate, adore, and follow him.
Some are unwilling to sing with and follow the great Conductor. Rather than sing together on the same page, same line, same measure, they either run ahead or fall behind the Leader. Some seem to think the only thing that matters is that they’re singing, without regard to place and time.
There are elders, deacons, preachers, Bible class teachers and members in general who need to turn to the page Jesus has announced. We need to wait for his lead and follow him.
He will not drag us through the song, but he will lead us cheerfully and triumphantly through it as we march together “to Zion, the beautiful city of God.”

Unity of faith is like singing together.

One thought on “Are We on the Same Page?

  1. I believe too many of our brethren are worried about how well they sing. Since they can’t seem to carry a tune as well as another they simply choose not to sing at all or sing very quietly that no one can hear them. This is sad since the object of our praise is God who already knows how well we can sing. Singing is like giving or praying or preaching. It is meant to honor God not ourselves. This article well pointed that out.

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