The Apostles Did Not Believe

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Mark 16 today.
The Jews and the Romans did not believe in Jesus, that is why they conspired together to crucify Him. The apostles believed in Jesus, but there was something immediately after His death that they did not believe. “And they went and told it to the rest, but they did not believe them either” (Mark 16:13). Jesus had appeared to two men, conversing with them about the Christ, and when they finally realized that Jesus was the risen Christ, they ran to tell the remaining apostles. This is recorded in Luke 24. Mark tells us in the passage quoted above
that when the apostles heard from these two men, the apostles did not believe that Jesus was raised from the dead.
Why did they not believe? They witnessed Him perform miracles, including resurrections. He prophesied of His resurrection. He taught them from the Scriptures that it was prophesied that the Christ would be killed and resurrected. They had every reason to believe that He had been resurrected.
Yet, they also had preconceived ideas, dreams, and hopes about Him, the kingdom, and their part in it. With His death, those hopes were dashed. Solomon said that hope deferred makes the heart sick. So sick that it will refuse to believe the truth. However, this was their fault. They set themselves up for disappointment.
Regardless of what happens to you and regardless of how you think things should be, always believe the Scriptures.

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