Comfortable Religion

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Mark 14:51-72 today.
I am slow to criticize Peter, because he was so much like me, or rather I am so much like him. Peter made some colossal mistakes, but he also learned from them, repented, and died a brave soldier of Jesus Christ. There is something that he did after the arrest of Jesus that looked too much like many disciples of Christ today. Ask yourself whether you look like this. “But Peter followed Him at a distance, right into the courtyard of the high priest. And he sat with the servants and warmed himself at the fire” (Mark 14:54).
Now that is nice and cozy. Peter was close enough to the action, but not close enough to be in the action. He was close enough to condemn the rest of the world, for after all, where were they? He could see and hear the religion of Christ, but only as a spectator, and it was warm by the fire. Oh, it felt so good to be near Jesus, the One who was suffering for me, but I do not have to get close enough to suffer with Him. That would be fanatical. Come on! God
cannot expect me to give up all that I have gained! No, I am doing just fine, right here by the fire, close to Jesus, lending Him support with my quiet presence, and separating myself from the world, but not associating with those wicked hypocrites who were condemning Him. Yes, Jesus, you can count on me to be here, sitting by this nice warm fire while you do all the work. Thank you for thinking of me, and this is all that you can expect from me.
Honestly, friends, is that what Jesus wants? Is that what I give?
Peter realized his mistake and turned around, following Jesus, suffering immensely, lived the life of Jesus, and finally died by crucifixion, just like the Lord. What about me; am I watching the action or am I observing from a comfortable distance?

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