Jesus, Make Me Like You

by Tim Childs
Some people resist attempts by another person to change them. A young lady may not appreciate it when her boyfriend tries to mold her into his ideal woman. So she insists: “Don’t try to change me; that’s not me.”
Occasionally you hear people say: “That’s just the way I am.” A man may have a problem controlling his temper. Under some circumstances he may become angered and show it through piercing words, sarcasm, or unkind actions. When brought to his attention he says something like: “Everybody knows that’s just me; everyone knows I have a problem controlling my temper.”
The idea often being conveyed is that you should just accept me the way I am with my spiritual weaknesses and flaws: “Don’t try to change me.”
While it is true that you and I have our weaknesses, it is not a given that we should just accept them, learn to live with them, and not be bothered by them. Jesus did not come to reinforce our flaws. He did not come and say, “Just be your natural self however ugly and selfish you may happen to be.”
Becoming a disciple and follower of Jesus, we have committed ourselves to adopting the totality of his teaching, his spirit of meekness, humility, longsuffering, forgiveness, and compassion; yes, we have obliged ourselves to adopting his way of thought and imitating his way of life.
The Christian life involves a process of growth, development, and transformation — becoming like Jesus. Heaven has no reservations available for those who tell Jesus: “Just leave me alone … don’t try to change me.”
Instead of that approach, may we pray: “Jesus, make me like you,” whereby the beauty of Jesus may unquestionably be seen within us.
Never doubt the power inherent in his Word which can make us all he wants us to be.
Tim Childs is the minister of the Hillcrest church of Christ, Baldwyn, Miss.

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