Do Not Forget to Check the Bible

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Matthew 19 today.
How quickly we forget what the Bible says and how quickly we forget to check to see what it says. The Pharisees were men who supposedly knew God’s word, but when they came to Jesus with a question, a question that was easily answered by consulting the Scriptures, He had to say to them, “Have you not read…” (Matthew 19:4). A simple reading of Scripture would have answered their question.
Yet, we do the same today. In almost every Bible class that I have been teaching for over 26 years, I will read a verse and then ask a question whose answer is right in the passage that I just read. Most people cannot answer the question. Do you know what most people are doing after I ask the question? Their eyes roll upward because they are thinking of the answer. Few heads look down into their Bibles to see what the Scripture just said. Then I will say something about the verse that I just read and suddenly almost every head drops down to look into their Bibles.
Starting today, make a habit of wanting to know what the Bible says and add to the habit that you will look it up.

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