Jesus Sat in a Boat

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Matthew 13 today.
As you know, I am a preacher. Much of my preaching takes place in a church building while I am standing behind a pulpit. However, do not think of preaching as limited to that context. Sometimes I am sitting in my office, speaking into a microphone that goes through a sound mixer, into my computer and then I post it on my congregation?s web site. I used to preach over the radio and I was sitting when I did so, again in my office to record those messages. Sometimes a preacher is in someone’s home declaring to the family the good news of the Kingdom of Christ.
Jesus preached in an unusual “church building” and used an interesting “pulpit” on one occasion. Matthew wrote, “And great multitudes were gathered together to Him, so that He got into a boat and sat; and the whole multitude stood on the shore” (Mtatthew 13:2). His auditorium was the lakeshore, and His pulpit a boat. He did not even stand, but He sat. Then He started speaking His famous parables to the people.
Do not think of preaching as what is only done in a church building, from behind a pulpit, on Sunday. Preaching is declaring the word of God. That can be done at any time, at any place, with the preacher in any position. He might not even be wearing a suit! Imagine that!

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