Label Magic

Imagine being able to wield tremendous power by just speaking the right word. One aspect of ancient magic involved the belief that knowing the name of a spiritual power could be used to gain control over it in order to command it.
In Acts 19 some Jewish exorcists tried to dominate Jesus to do their bidding with the invocation, “in the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.” To us the result may appear somewhat humorous. The evil spirit acknowledged knowing Jesus and Paul before asking, “but who are you?” He then overpowered them causing them to flee naked and bleeding. The locals understood a message which might allude us, not only does the spirit world recognize Jesus, but even more importantly Jesus can not be dominated by invoking his name. Jesus is more powerful.
Does not modern man engage in a secular type of magic when he assumes that by slapping what is considered to be a pejorative title upon something disagreeable to him that he has gained mastery over it and can dismiss it at will? “That’s just right wing.” Sure, this principle cuts in all directions. But while label magic might reorder the universe in one’s own mind, it holds no power over what God has created and achieved. A divine standard of morality exists regardless of how some people might despise certain aspects of it. Jesus has risen from the dead. Those responding to the gospel by relying upon Jesus will be saved. There is a day of judgment. There are eternal consequences.
Labels can not change reality.

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