The Questions We Ask Ourselves

I was backended this morning at a stop light in front of Colinas Mall, about 10 minutes from our house, and my car was thrown into the car in front of me. At the moment, I feel OK, except for what I assume is a little muscle strain in my neck and left arm. My wife is taking me shortly to see a doctor at the Orthoclin clinic and have a checkup as a precaution.
I’m grateful that no one was hurt in the accident and that both the man in front of me and the guilty guy behind me were calm and amiable. The guilty guy came out of his car apologizing and recognizing his guilt. Some people involved in accidents can get pretty nasty, so the personal interactions went smoothly.
After the police arrived, they directed us to a station about five minutes away to make the police report. So we all three each drove our cars to the station and gave our personal information and perspective on what happened. The attending officer was helpful, and another even brought us water.
We’ll have to wait 2-3 days for the police report to be released. Then the guilty guy can open a process with his insurance to fix our car. I hope we can get a car from the insurance company to use while ours is in the shop. We have only the one vehicle.
Mine is a small incident compared to the serious injuries, deaths, and illnesses that happen daily to millions of people. I trust it will turn out to be nothing more than an inconvenience — even though it’s major — that will cost some time and money.
Even at that, I found myself asking the question so many ask — Why did it happen? Did I do something earlier to deserve it? Did I brag or become proud about having the car repainted in December so that I get punished in January by having it bashed in from behind and in front?
I almost had to smile at myself when I found myself with these questions. Because I know these lead nowhere.
Better, I told myself, to ask a different kind of question: What can I find to be grateful for in this situation? How can the Lord and I use this situation for the kingdom? How can I let the Lord’s presence be seen in my by the way I react and speak?
I have no idea what will result from the accident. I do know I still trust in the Lord to do his will in every situation.
And that’s good enough for me.
“Yes, dear, I’m coming …”

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