The Immensity of God

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Job 25 today.
How shall we begin to comprehend God? As Bildad said, “Is there any number to His armies? Upon whom does His light not rise?” (Job 25:3). Good questions, would you not agree? If there was a number to God’s armies, could we count the number? What I mean by that is how would we go about finding out what the number is? Will His armies obey us, if we tell them to start counting off so that we may know the number? No, of course not. They do not obey us; they obey Him. The armies of God are vast because He is vast. There is no counting of His armies; yet, they are less than He is!
Can anyone hide from God so that His light does not shine upon him? Jonah tried it and discovered the hard way that it cannot be done.
Therefore, think on the immensity of your God today.

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