Our Words Can Torment Others

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Job 19 today.
Job’s friends were hitting him hard with their words. Therefore, he questioned them, asking, “How long will you torment my soul, and break me in pieces with words” (Job 19:2). Did his friends think they were tormenting his soul? Of course not, otherwise, they would have apologized and ceased their speaking and resumed simply sitting on the ground with him silently. Yet, if they had thought about some of their words, they would have been able to see the damage that they were doing to their friend.
Do you think we can learn from Job’s question? Do my words break people in pieces? Listen to your words today or better yet, listen to the words in your heart before you say them. If you speak those words will they torment the soul of the person to whom you were going to speak?

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