Be Silent to Understand

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Job 18 today.
As I have noted in previous devotionals, so I want to note again. The friends of Job sometimes spoke the truth, but they misapplied it. Consider this example. Bildad said to Job, “How long till you put an end to words? Gain understanding, and afterward we will speak” (Job 18:2). Bildad and his friends were going to speak whether Job was silent or not.
However, there is a time to remain silent that we might understand. If we are too busy talking, we will not listen to God and so we will not understand His will. If we are constantly talking, we will not listen to people, and so we will not understand their situation and we will end up judging them for things they have not said or done.
Be still and listen. Be still and grow in understanding. Today, think of the people whom you admire. Do they listen to you or always do the talking? Whom do you consider to be wise? Is he or she a talker or listener? Now do you see what to do?

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