Proverbs of Ashes

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Job 13 and 14 today.
The words of Job’s friends were not helping him. They were accusing him of sin, thinking that was the reason why he had suffered so immensely, yet they were not specifying his sin. They kept offering him all kinds of advice, but it was of no use to him. What they said did not apply to him. Therefore, he retorted, “Your platitudes are proverbs of ashes, your defenses are defenses of clay” (Job 13:12). How do ashes help him who is in deep agony? How effective are defenses of clay? How effective then are accusations of sin without telling a man what his sin is?
You probably read the Bible because you want to help people, just like Job’s friends wanted to help him. It is good then to make sure that our words truly help others. Try to apply your words to yourself first and see if they would help you. Then apply them to others.

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