Building a Family that Follows the Lord

Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading Job 1 today.
Look at what Job did for his children regularly. It is written, “So it was, when the days of feasting had run their course, that Job would send and sanctify them, and he would rise early in the morning and offer burnt offerings according to the number of them all. For Job said, ‘It may be that my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts.’ Thus Job did regularly” (Job 1:5). Job was devoted to God and wanted his children to be devoted to God. Job feared that his sons might have cursed God. Therefore, this loving father sanctified them regularly so that either they would not curse God or if they had, that they would be
forgiven and again be devoted to God.
Ask yourself today what you can do to help your family be more devoted to the Lord.

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