Read the Bible in a year chronologically by reading First Chronicles 1:1-4 today.
You have seen the “hyphen” on tombstones. Perhaps you have even heard sermons on how much that “hyphen” represents. It is located between one’s birth date and one’s death date. If you live to be 89, how much that “hyphen” represents!
The Bible mentions a man whose “hyphen” leaves out so much. It is written, “Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared” (1Chronicles 1:2). You thought that I was going to mention Methuselah, a man whose life is the longest recorded in Scripture. He is mentioned in verse 3. However, I want to talk about Mahalalel.
Who was this guy? We know so little about him. We know who his father was and who his son was. We know that he is in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. We even know how old he was when he begot his son who is mentioned in the Bible. He had other sons and daughters. That is not much for a man who lived as long as he did. If he died today in the year 2007, he would have been born in the year 1112! His “hyphen” would represent 895 years! If you live to be 89.5, how much will you have experienced in your life! Now multiply that by ten! What were the
experiences of Mahalalel? How much did that man see?
God knows every part of that man’s life, even as God knows every part of your life. To a stranger walking past your tombstone, you may be only a “hyphen,” but to God, you are no “hyphen,” but you are a person with so much about you. Think on that today and be humbled at the intimate knowledge that God has of you.

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