Keep The Following Things in Mind as You Read the Book of Revelation

Read the Bible in a year by reading Revelation 14 today.
There is a lot going on in the Book of Revelation. Amen? I knew that you would agree! Some of it appears to be very frightening, but listen to a verse from Revelation 14. In fact, we have read a similar verse from chapter 13. If you keep this passage from chapter 14 in mind as you read, you will not be troubled by what you read. Just remember to do what this verse says. Here it is,
Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of
God and the faith of Jesus (Revelation 14:12).
Just be patient, obey God, and keep your faith in Jesus. You will do well and you will have nothing to fear from reading the Book of Revelation. God will take care of you. That is the message of the Book of Revelation.

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