I Am Full of Power

Read the Bible in a year by reading Micah 1-3 today.
Who likes to be weak? Contrariwise, who likes to be strong? Power is awesome. In the 1970s, I operated a backhoe in Southern California. Do you know what a backhoe is? It is a tractor with a large scoop in the front and one in the back that looks like an arm and digs trenches. It always amazed me what that backhoe was able to do. The amount of dirt that I could push easily with that front bucket made me laugh. You should have seen the digging that I did with the bucket in back. Sometimes a huge rock would be down in the ditch, and the
backhoe could pick it up easily.
At that time, I was a new Christian, and started reading and meditating upon the Scriptures. I soon realized that this put me in connection with the Creator of the universe. Now, friends, that is power. I know what Micah meant, when he said,
But truly I am full of power by the Spirit of the LORD,
And of justice and might,
To declare to Jacob his transgression
And to Israel his sin.
(Micah 3:8)
It takes power to declare sin, but that comes from the Spirit of the Lord, and receiving the power of the Spirit comes from spending precious time going through the written word, without being rushed, but slowly thinking on what is written. It is easy to rush through a reading, is it not? Whenever you can, slow down, ingest the material, and let it work on you. Watch your power increase.

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