Oh! For Just a Glimpse!

Read the Bible in a year by reading Revelation 5 today.
John saw a strong angel and then John heard the angel ask whether anyone was worthy to open the scroll in God’s right hand. Then this is what John discovered. He wrote,
And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll, or to look at it (Revelation 5:3).
There was not one found who was even able to look at the scroll, that is, to look at it contents. Wow! As a preacher, I am into books. In fact, I have many books. I have two offices at the church building, and they are both just about filled with books. When I contemplate buying a book, I pick it up in my hand and look it over real good. I check both outside covers, reading anything that will give me a clue about the contents of the book. I read the information on the flaps of the cover. Then I check out the title page, publisher’s page, the table of contents, the indexes, and finally I start scanning various pages, read some
here and some there, just to give me a quick idea of whether the book is worthy of my time.
However, this scroll that John saw needed someone worthy to be able to look at it. We look for books that are worthy of our time, but this scroll looked for someone worthy of its time.
So then, was verse 3 the end of the story? Could there not be found one who was worthy? Oh, I think I will not answer that question, but you read Revelation 5 and discover for yourself.

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