God Wants to Know What We Mean?

Read the Bible in a year by reading Ezekiel 18 and 19 today.
We have questions for God all the time. We also read His word and wonder what He means by all the things He says. Has it occurred to you that He might wonder what we mean by some of the things that we say? He asked of just such a thing of Israel, asking,
“What do you mean when you use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying: ‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes, And the children’s teeth are set on edge’?” (Ezekiel 18:2).
Even as God has sayings that we want to know what He means by them, so Israel had sayings and God wanted to know what they meant by them! Of course, He knew what they meant, but He wanted them to think about what they were saying and what they were implying.
Let us think about our sayings and what we mean by them. Do we imply some things about God that may not be true?

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