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So that Forthright’s friends can enjoy each other even more, the magazine’s editors and staff have begun a chatty new email group called — what else? — FRIENDS.
The FRIENDS email group has several purposes:
1) Exchange ideas about articles published on the Forthright Magazine email list;
2) Chat about items of interest to Forthright Magazine and Press;
3) Get feedback from readers on the work of Forthright editors and staff;
4) Allow general conversation and discussion.
It is intended principally for subscribers to the Forthright list, for conversation among its readers. This is not a religious discussion list for heavy topics. You may not forward third-party articles, debates, or cute stories, nor post other well-circulated content. Nor will the moderators permit it to be used for people with an agenda. This is a friendly group. Moderators will not tolerate flaming, name-calling, or bad attitudes. The highest Christian attitudes are expected of all.
If you want Bible study, this is not the place. We recommend the church-of-Christ group hosted by Yahoo. Some of us are on it, too.
Two excellent online forums for Bible study and discussion are Site for the Lord and Preachers Files Forum. Some of us are on those as well.
We hope you’ll join us on the FRIENDS group. Click on the link or paste this address in your email client’s To: field:

Rules of Engagement

1. No cross posting. Don’t send the same thing simultaneously to several groups.
2. No third-party articles, reports, debates, no cutsy stories that everybody has seen a dozen times. We want your personal musings.
3. We expect the best Christian behavior of all. We don’t have time to keep people corraled. If you don’t accept these rules, you’re out.
4. Everyone is welcome. But we won’t hesitate to cut those who make themselves a nuisance. And there are such people out there. If in doubt, ask first.
5. Adhere to the general Internet standards of netiquette such as RFC 1855. Such as, cut all extraneous material not needed in replies; four lines maximum are sufficient for signature files; all caps or uppercase is considered yelling.
6. This email group sends and receives its messages in plain text, which means that no html will survive, and all attachments will be stripped.
7. Think before you post. Speak in the gentlest, kindest terms possible. Reread your posts and replies, and revise before sending.
Ready now? Just click and join!

Join Forthright Magazine’s chatty new email group.

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