We covet your comments, but …

UPDATE: Comments have now been reopened for a long time. Spam continues, but filters now catch almost all of it. We’re grateful for that.

We love comments at Forthright. Join in the conversation.

Our first of seven rules for an old email group list fits here, plus some:

  1. Be polite to the extreme. No bad language, sarcasm, meanness, etc.
  2. Please stay on the topic of the article you’re commenting on.
  3. Please follow Galatians 6.1-2 when making corrections.

The Forthright Magazine website has recently been swamped with spam. Because of limitations of the software we now use, we cannot prevent these unethical and immoral messages from appearing on the website. The editors and webmaster have spent precious time deleting them. Since we do not have a full-time webmaster who can sit and catch them as they appear, we have been forced to close comments for all articles.

We hope this will be a temporary measure. We are working toward substituting our software and using a program that will provide more protection. Until then, however, so that readers will not be visually assaulted by these unwanted messages, comments will remain closed.

We covet your comments, both positive and negative. They encourage us to keep writing and publishing. They correct us when we need it. They help us gauge how best to chart the magazine’s future.

During this period, feel free to respond to the articles by using the article submission page or, if you receive the articles by email, by clicking reply and writing away.

For us, comments mean conversation. We want to hear from you.

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