Getting Out the Vote

Run-off elections for Brazil’s presidential race are set for October 27. President Lula, up for reelection, expected to sweep the country in the first round. Corruption scandals tightened the race, Lula refused to join a televised debate, and elections wound up in the run-off.
Now, both candidates are working hard to sway voters and get out the vote. Lula tries to smother an investigation of his underlings who illegally offered millions for supposedly damaging information against the opposing party.
The USA will also shortly hold elections. According to reports, one party is discouraging hostile voters from voting, and all parties are working to get voters favorable to their candidates and positions to the polls.
Politicians and parties spend millions to win elections. They chart strategies they think will win, hire specialists to spin campaigns, and build up networks to register people and get them to the polls.
No effort is spared to elect candidates. Sometimes party radicals or even government officials resort to illegal means to guarantee (re)election. No idea or strategy is considered out of bounds if it will get out the vote.
I wonder.
What if we in the Lord’s church put out that kind of effort to save souls?
We certainly won’t go beyond Scripture, like some, to attract people at all costs. We will remain true to the Word in every possible detail.
But with that necessary restriction stated, what would happen if we single-mindedly put the saving of souls at the top of our agenda, made salvation of all people our priority, refused to cut corners or count the cost of preaching the whole gospel to the whole world?
Paul wrote, “I have become all things to all people, so that by all means I may save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22, NET).
What would happen if we made, on behalf of souls, the same effort politicians make for votes?
After all, isn’t that what we’re all about?
Jesus seemed to think so.
He died to make it happen.

What would happen if we made, on behalf of souls, the same effort politicians make for votes?

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