The "Right Age"

“I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes” (1 Timothy 2:9).
We took our daughter to the mall the other day to get a “special” dress for a wedding. She’s singing at the wedding, you see. As a father, this is what I thought: If you want to find “racy,” revealing clothes at the store, you probably can. And if you want to find classy but modest clothes, you can do that, too.
Shows how much I know!
We spent hours at the mall, fruitlessly seeking something a Christian young woman would be proud to wear. At one point, she emerged from the dressing room and exclaimed: “This is too revealing!” to which the sales lady replied: “Yes, but you’re the right age to be wearing that!”
Dear reader, my little girl isn’t yet seventeen! “Right age”? At what age would it become wrong to wear something immodest?
As a preacher, I have often urged young people to fight the peer pressure that says you must wear certain immodest kinds of clothing. I was humbled, in that clothing store, to realize how hard this really is. It’s not just the other kids, you see, who pressure our young ladies into wearing too tight, too low, too see-through, too short clothes. It’s the shopping malls that pressure us, too.
I know many beautiful, Christian women who also dress in a way that is modest and classy. How do you do it?
I know this: The manufacturers of inappropriate apparel made not a cent on us. I know that if enough of us did this, someone out there would notice! Department stores don’t understand Christian standards, but they do understand the bottom line!
Do we?

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  1. Good Job, Stan. We have two teenage daughters who also insist on being modest. We all get very frustrated at the immodest clothes at stores, even WalMart. I have begun calling the Junior Section, the “Pre-Maternity Section.” They are clothes that are obvioulsy designed to help girls get pregnant!

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