I’m writing far from home, on a teaching trip in the northeast region of Brazil. I was privileged to be invited to a congregation concerned about strange developments in this area.
As a subscriber of Forthright, you’ve noticed our commitment to one principle: glorifying God and pleasing him by doing his will expressed in the Scriptures.
But there are some, even among us, who want to change things. They teach there is no pattern in the New Testament for God’s church. They short-list the essential gospel. They berate us for insisting on what they classify peripheral items. (If they’re peripheral, why do they get so bent out of shape?)
They seek to pull as many as possible within their sphere of influence.
So here I am, in northeast Brazil, at the invitation of faithful brethren, to help them sound a clear signal for true obedience to the Lord.
These evil influences reach far and wide. If allowed to go unchecked, they infiltrate and take over. They must be resisted.
Jesus himself told us to watch out for false teachers. The apostles constantly sound the warning as well. While our proclamation is always positive and vigorous, Christians also warn of the dangers that ever lurk and seek an entrance among the faithful.
On the one hand, I’m encouraged by being with the good brothers and sisters here who see the dangers and are taking steps to neutralize them. On the other hand, it saddens me to know that these threats have so quickly and effectively reached another city.
Let’s be always on our guard, for these odious teachings are coming soon to a church near you. All too soon.


  1. A simply wonderful and thought-provoking article! Be safe and thank you very much for these thoughts.
    God Bless you.

  2. Thanks, Richard, I appreciate the kind comment. I was pretty much on 24-hour call there, but it was a wonderful time. Many strong, faithful saints encouraged me greatly. I made it home safely this evening, glad to be back, glad to have gone. I will return there next year to speak at a major regional event, and another invitation was extended to teach in another city in the region where the church was split by a liberal missionary. God give us strength!

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