two dollar bill.jpg “All that I am I owe to Jesus Christ, revealed to me in His divine Book.” – David Livingstone
Before the Civil War, the United States of America had no national currency. Each state printed and regulated its own money. With little supervision from the federal government, these banknotes varied in size, value, and design. This changed in 1861, when the agrarian South seceded from the industrial North, forming the Confederate States of America./1
Due to the scarcity of gold and silver in the South, the Confederate States issued paper currency as their medium of exchange. Over two billion dollars were issued. Worth 95 cents on the dollar and backed by cotton, these new “Blue Backs” were widely accepted throughout the Confederacy./2
As the South started losing the war, inflation soared, and the currency depreciated in value. In 1863, one dollar was worth 33 cents, and by the termination of the war it had dropped to 1.6 cents. After the war, many of these worthless banknotes were destroyed; however, a few were preserved for sentimental reasons.
Today the hobby of collecting old American banknotes is popular in the United States. A serious collector will try to amass as many varieties, issues, and specimens as possible. This has caused many of the old banknotes to rise in value. For example, twenty years ago, a friend gave me a Confederate two dollar bill. Today that bill has been appraised at $64.
Do you feel worthless? Perhaps you have stumbled in your walk with God and are consumed with sin (Acts 14:15; Romans 3:10-12). If this is the problem, Jesus Christ is the solution (John 3:16-21; Romans 6:1-14). Surrender your life to God’s worthy sacrifice, and allow Jesus’ blood to redeem you from your worthless past. Christian, are you up for the task?
“What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” -Robert Lowry
1/ There were 1,562 state banks in the United States at the outbreak of war. In 1863, Congress passed the National Banking Act to assert federal control over the banking system. This act created uniformed currency in the United States.
2/ The United States blockaded Confederate ports and prevented cotton sales to Britain and France.

Two Dollar Bill

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