Don’t you just love it when you pick up a basketball in the store and the label says: “Accredited size and weight?” Accredited by whom? The sales department? And what about those degree diplomas some people hang up in their offices from universities no one ever heard of? “Ph.D in Theology from the University of” Where did their football team play, in the Atlantic Conference, or the Pac Ten?
Then, of course, there’s the advertisement on TV that promises a product will do this or that, followed by a mountain of minute legalese at the bottom of the screen, disavowing any liability for anything that might go wrong.
Of course, with the arrival of computer technology, it’s possible for anyone anywhere to make out a fairly authentic looking diploma. You want a Masters degree, or a Ph.D? Just send me twenty dollars, I bet I’ll be able to get you one. The frame’s complimentary!
Then my favorite is the bureaucrat. “Oh, sir, you’re application was not accepted.” “Why?” we ask. “Well, you signed the green A44MI6 form and you needed to fill out a blue A46M16 form!” As Charlie Brown often says: “Aargh!”
Here’s some documentation that is true, genuine, and obtainable from an absolutely reputable source. Inclusion in the book of life:
“Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life” (Revelation 21:27).
You want this documentation. Do everything you can to get it. The Lamb’s book of life. Now that’s official.

2 thoughts on “Documentation

  1. If it were not such a serious matter it would be humorous. If we are not in the “buyer beware” days, what will it take. I’m fairly intelligent, but have been “taken” a number of times recently, mostly on health items that are supposed to return me to my better days. And, my wife could have won a famous name British auto if she would only have sent $3500 for taxes, etc. But later in the day she found out that several ladies in town had ALSO won this same $50,000 car! But what about salvation issues? Aren’t the fast growing Churches??? the ones that offer good times and plenty of worldly success? Respectfully Jim Oneal

  2. This is an add-on to my earlier message. Have any of you been pleased with all the rebate procedures? I can hardly believe the dodges that some of our major companies will use to avoid what they promise to rebate. I’ll not mention names, but I’m found out that unless you “hound” them again and again they will just never keep their agreement. Are rebates intended to be legitimate? Jim Oneal

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