Let Us Forget

by Clarence DeLoach, Jr.
“… Forgetting those things which are behind …” (Philippians 3:3).
Memory is a wonderful asset for anyone. Some can remember by name nearly every person they meet. Some can remember nearly all they read.
The Bible teaches us to remember. The Jews were commanded to remember the Sabbath (Exodus 20). Youth were to remember God (Ecclesiastes 12:1). Peter wrote to stir memory (2 Peter 1:13). The Lord’s Supper is an exercise in memory.
But, the Bible also teaches us to forget. The happiest people have learned to forget. Much of Paul’s success was due to his ability to forget. What should we forget?
1. Christians should forget past sins. Christ has saved us and God has pardoned every sin of which we have repented. His blood has cleansed and removed the sin. When God forgives, he forgets — and so should we. Let’s not doubt his precious promises.
2. Christians should forget their mistakes. All make mistakes, even Christians. If there were no mistakes, there would be no need for erasers on pencils. We can learn and profit from mistakes. Some dwell on a mistake until it destroys them. Mistakes can be stepping stones to great victories. Men of history experienced numerous failures. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison succeeded because of determination and perseverance.
3. Christians should forget the petty quarrels and misunderstandings of life. You have misunderstood others, and you have been misunderstood. Misunderstandings occur in business, personal, and church life. We may be offended by the words or deeds of another. Sometimes the hurt is deeply felt. But, don’t harbor hurt feelings, lest they sour and bitter the spirit.
4. Christians should forget their good deeds. The good done yesterday will not suffice for tomorrow. We must not hold our good deeds against God as though he were under contract to save us. Salvation is of grace, not debt. Our giving for good works is a joy, not a reason to boast.
There are things to be remembered and other things to be forgotten. Let us do both wisely.
Thanks to The Voice of Truth International, Vol 44, page 90.

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